Poodle ~ Doodle Services:

Poodles and Doodles are near and dear to us. We see many poodles and poodle mixes every day at our salon. Due to the amount of hair they require maintenance for, they get their own section. This service includes everything listed on the bath service as well as different hairstyle options.

Toy Poodle

under 10 lbs

Additional Information

* Prices depend on service, size of pet, and condition of their coat at the time of drop off, prices listed are starting prices.
** Personalized haircuts are subject to the condition of the top coat at drop-off.  
*** Please note, we do not provide styling or haircuts without a bath service due to sanitation policies.  
**** Anal glands will not be expressed. We will check the anal glands and refer to a veterinarian for internal expression.

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