Our Team:

What sets us apart


Owner / Cat & Dog Stylist

As the daughter and daughter-in-law of veterinarians, Eileen has a life working with animals.  She opened Peaceful Paws in the Sierra Vista Mall in 2022 and loves helping the city’s animal community. She is AKC S.A.F.E. Certified, as is the salon. Eileen believes in continuing education for herself and her staff to stay up to date for all pet needs. She is currently completing her certification through International Professional Groomers, Inc (IPG). She holds a Skin and Coat Certification through Pet Skin Academy and works closely with veterinarian and pet aesthetician Dr. Cliff Faver. Her passion is helping pets feel the best they can and combating any skin and coat issues that may arise. She is the proud owner of three huskies that rule her life when she is not at her salon helping others.

DJ Manager and Stylist


Stylist / Manager

DJ loves his job because he enjoys the company of his coworkers as well as learning new challenges in the grooming industry. He is most thankful to the clients we have at Peaceful Paws Pet Spa because he learns something new everyday through the gentle care of their pets. He became a groomer because he has pets at home that are long haired and he wanted to learn to care for them himself. He is AKC S.A.F.E. Certified and prefers to have medium to large doodles to fill his schedule. He believes that every pet we see at the salon is amazing and treats them as if they were one of his own.


Master Stylist

Jordan has always loved being around pets and building a loving and trusting relationship with any animal he encounters. As a Sierra Vista native, he moved to Wisconsin for an employment opportunity working side by side with a Bedlington breeder, who also owned a boarding and grooming facility. It was at this time in his life that he realized the love he had for helping and grooming dogs. In his years of experience, he was voted Up and Coming Groomer of the Year in 2021 by Barkleigh, he is a Master Groomer through NDGAA, and has won multiple awards in different grooming competitions around the nation. He is most excited about working on the different pets that reside in Sierra Vista.



Dog & Cat Stylist

The amount of trust and love this position requires is why Rachel loves their job. She realized early on that working with pets would be a lifelong journey. Grooming is just one of the areas in the pet industry she plans to conquer. The magnitude of patience, acceptance, and sincerity is rarely found in other businesses and is why she chose this industry. Rachel is an AKC S.A.F.E. Certified groomer and is working towards other certifications to further her education in the industry. With vet tech schooling under her belt, she has experience with correctly holding and handling pets to ensure their safety during their spa treatment. She would like our clients to know how much we truly care about their pets and how determined we are to help their pets become as clean and appealing as possible.

Leigha Stylist



Leigha became a groomer by chance because she was looking for a change of pace while still doing something she thought she would love. Little did she know when she started working for Peaceful Paws Pet Spa as a bather she would climb the ladder and be an amazingly trained stylist. She says that being a groomer brings her much happiness because it is an amazing feeling to receive the love and excitement she gets from her clients.

She pays that love forward with her clients by giving them the spa treatment we as humans wish we could receive. She is able to create a loving and calm environment for each pet to feel safe during their spa treatment by showing them patience. She wants clients to know that the grooming experience starts at home. Grooming a pet is a team effort and that involves the parents. Brushing your pet at home to keep them mat free and playing with their feet to help them through a nail trim. The more your pet is prepared for their grooming treatment the cuter the groom will be when your pet leaves our salon. 

Jess Bather



As an avid animal lover and owner to 6 dogs, 5 cats, and 2 pigs, Jess loves meeting new clients and their pets. She got her start in the grooming industry because she wanted to better understand how to properly care for her own pets and loves incorporating her teachings with our clients. She is looking to pursue her education to become a groomer in the future. She believes Peaceful Paws Pet Spa is a welcoming and loving place to bring your pets with a trustworthy staff who truly care about your pets’ needs.

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