Cat Services:

For your royal feline fluff ball, we begin by brushing out and trimming any mats. We remove any impurities with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, best suited for your cat’s needs. We will give their highness a nail trim worthy of their perfect toe beans and an ear cleaning to hear your loving words.



bath not included

Additional Information

* Prices depend on service, size of pet, and condition of their coat at the time of drop off, prices listed are starting prices.
** Personalized haircuts are subject to the condition of the top coat at drop-off.  
*** Please note, we do not provide styling or haircuts without a bath service due to sanitation policies.

**** Anal glands will not be expressed. We will check the anal glands and refer to a veterinarian for internal expression.

*****Additional fees will apply for difficult cats who require assistance from another groomer, scratch, or bite during their service.

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