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When you bring your pet in for a bath or groom, they will lovingly be bathed and cared for by one of our well-trained staff. Peaceful Paws Pet Spa uses a unique One-on-One grooming technique, which has been proven to reduce a pet’s stress and anxiety when being groomed and it cuts the amount of time spent in the salon. Our aim is to keep our pet clients for the minimum amount of time needed to groom them. Keeping a pet longer than the grooming time can start to raise anxiety levels in most pets. 

We understand your pet is a precious family member, so when you entrust their pet care needs to us, we treat them like a member of our family. We have built a reputation on providing the gentlest, safest, and kindest of pet services in the area. As an AKC S.A.F.E. Certified salon, we follow an oath which showcases our commitment to holding your pet’s safety in the highest regard.

All of our clients receive the same Peaceful Paws Pet Spa standard of care by our qualified and loving staff. During treatments, cuddles are given in abundance, and we never rush a treatment thus ensuring every client has a positive and relaxing experience. We do not use cages or cabinet dryers and each pet is allocated a stylist who is dedicated to their well-being during their stay.


Before we utilize moisturizing shampoo to remove any impurities, we provide your dog with a relaxing brush out. We follow the shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner to ensure a smooth finish. Because your dog deserves to be pampered like the prince or princess they are, we do a hair dry blow out, a face/feet/fanny trim, an ear clean up, and a nail trim. To finish the experience, we provide a breath freshener for the loving kisses of thanks you’re sure to receive for bringing them to us to be pampered.


For your royal feline fluff ball, we begin by brushing out and trimming any mats. We remove any impurities with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, chosen with your fur-baby in mind. We will give their highness a nail trim worthy of their perfect toe beans and an ear cleaning to hear your loving words. A gland expression is provided to ensure their bottom is primed for sitting on their throne.

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Need A Ride:

for your furry friend

Creature Comforts is an amazing company that offers all of Peaceful Paws Pet Spa clients a pet taxi service called Cruising Creatures, at a discounted rate, to get them to and from their spa appointment. To reach them, create an account on their website: Creature Comforts Pet Sitting

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